PWU is governed by an elected Executive Committee (ExCom) that consists of eight union-wide elected positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Fifth Officer, and three Trustees. In addition, there are two Unit Representatives elected by each Unit. Currently, our ExCom has a total of eighteen members. Learn more about the elected leaders of the PWU Executive Committee below:

CJ Garcia-Linz


Cecilia (CJ) Garcia-Linz (she/her) is serving a second term as President of Progressive Workers Union. She has served as a Sierra Club Chapter Unit Rep and was a member of the bargaining team negotiating the Sierra Club Chapter Unit’s first CBA. In her day job, CJ is the Administrative Assistant for Sierra Club Michigan. She’s a mom, grandma, activist, chef, artist, rescue pet mom, and youth sports coach. CJ is committed to equity, justice for all, human rights, food sovereignty and security, environmental conservation, and abolishing the police and systems of incarceration. She is an avid seeker of shenanigans. 

Leah Clyburn


Leah (she/her) is a Woman of Color who was the co-head steward within the Sierra Club National Unit for almost 4 years. Leah has been a community organizer in the state of Missouri for over 12 years and has successfully run a campaign to defeat anti-union right-to-work policies and bring democracy reform for all.


Andy Heaslet

Secretary and Steward

Andy (he/him) works in internal communications at the Sierra Club and has experience as an organizer with the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club, and as an activist advocating at times in favor of cycling and against war (only occasionally both at the same time). Andy lives in St. Louis, MO, where he studies environmental science, plays drums, and loves to kayak in the Ozarks.

Lindsay Beebe


Lindsay (she/her) has been a union member for the last eight years, and previously served as the Executive Committee Secretary and a Sierra Club Unit Steward. She lives on Eastern Shoshone and Goshute land in Salt Lake City, Utah with her partner Casey and their dog Hank.

Ben Weiner

Fifth Officer

Ben (they/them) has served as PWU Fifth Officer for one year. During the day, Ben works at the Sierra Club supporting Chapters to fundraise. From the moment they were eligible until taking on the role of Fifth Officer, they served as a PWU union steward. Ben is from and lives on Powhatan land, known as Richmond, Virginia.

Mia Lang

Trustee, Steward

Mia (they/them) has been a PWU member for three years. In their day job, they work at the Sierra Club in fundraising. Mia also serves as a bargaining team member and steward for the union. When they aren’t working or organizing, you can find Mia at their local farmer’s market, hiking with their dog, or weaving baskets. 

Dylan Plummer


Dylan (he/him) has been organizing in the climate movement for close to a decade, fighting against proposed fossil fuel infrastructure projects and the industrial timber practices destroying the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Dylan helped to lead a union drive at climate nonprofit Our Children’s Trust, and currently works at the Sierra Club. He also is the co-founder and board secretary for Breach Collective, a unionized 501c3 climate justice worker collective.

Kathleen Melendez


Kathleen (she/her), is a digital organizer for the Sierra Club and a proud union member living in Orlando, Florida, the land of the Seminole, Miccosukee, and Mascogo. Kathleen is on ExComm to support the incredible work of our union through labor organizing and building liberatory spaces, similar to the work she has been leading with PWU’s Palestine Solidarity group.

Haley Ratcliff

Greenpeace USA Unit Representative

We build community power to create the world we deserve. Haley (she/they) is an organizer with Greenpeace US residing on the unceded lands of the Duwamish people (Seattle, WA). They enjoy long walks on the beach with their dog Yara.

Erik Kojola

Greenpeace USA Unit Representative

Erik (he/him) is a senior research specialist for Greenpeace USA working on climate change and technology issues including a campaign to eliminate Bitcoin’s pollution. He lives in Silver Spring, MD and is passionate about environmental justice and workers’ rights.

Angie Mummaw

Appalachian Voices Unit Representative

Angie (she/her) was raised overlooking the Cumberland River in north-central Tennessee, and still resides on her family farm from which you can see the Cumberland City smokestacks. Her love of nature began as a child raising farm animals and crops and playing in the woods. This love of the outdoors grew into a life-long passion. Angie most recently taught Biology at Austin Peay State University for 10 years. She currently represents Appalachian Voices in Tennessee as community organizer, supporting the community members affected by the Cumberland City plant closure. 

Bria Monrose

Union of Concerned Scientists Unit Representative

Bria (she/her) is based in the Washington, D.C. area and has worked at the Union of Concerned Scientists for nearly 2 years. In her free time she enjoys hiking, biking, scoring flight deals, and bouldering.

Camilo Esquivia-Zapata

Union of Concerned Scientists Unit Representative

Camilo (he/him) is a senior bilingual campaign organizer and policy advocate with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Prior to joining UCS, Camilo was a fellow with the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning at its Community Innovators Lab, where he co-designed and coordinated the Mel King Community Economic Democracy and Self-Determination Fellowship. Camilo also has experience as an environmental health and safety consultant in South Carolina, and did work on climate adaptation, environmental conservation, human rights and peace building in Colombia.

Erica Dodt

Sierra Club National Unit Representative

Erica Dodt (she/her) previously served as a Head Steward for the National Unit and is currently a National Unit Representative and on the National Bargaining Team. Erica has worked in labor, community, and national movement spaces for 15 years and has a master’s degree in labor studies where she focused her research on labor and environmental movement collaboration. When there is time, she enjoys strong project management, kayaking, gardening, rock climbing, hiking, and making fun and/or useful things. 

Caroline Hansley

Unit Rep, Sierra Club National

Caroline (she/her) is a Senior Organizer with Sierra Club based in Hillsborough, North Carolina. She is a mother of two, raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, and is passionate about spending time outside. She’s been a steward with PWU for 6 years, co-head steward, and is honored to join the ExCom as Unit Rep. She graduated from NC State University and is a Udall Scholar. In her very rare free time she likes to knit or be in her garden.

Emma Brown

Unit Rep, Sierra Club Chapter

Emma (she/they) is a Digital Strategist with the Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter based in Portland, Maine on occupied Wabanaki land. Emma has been represented by PWU for four years, and Sierra Club Chapter Unit Representative is their first formal role with the union. They are passionate about composting, worms, and riding their bike. 

Billy Davies

Unit Rep, Sierra Club Chapter

Billy (he/him) is the Kansas City organizer with the Sierra Club’s Missouri Chapter. Prior to joining the Missouri Chapter staff, Billy helped organize resistance to proposed fracked gas pipelines with Sierra Club’s Virginia Chapter and Beyond Dirty Fuels campaign, and he has been involved in community advocacy since 2010. A native Midwesterner and avid outdoor person, Billy enjoys exploring state and national parks with his wife, Megan, further inspiring his commitment to the movement protecting them.

Taylor Smith-Hams

Unit Rep, 350.org

Taylor (she/her) is a US Senior Organizer with 350.org based in Baltimore and a PWU Unit Rep for 350.org‘s US employees. She is passionate about equitable and intersectional public policy rooted in relationship building and systems thinking, and views art as a critical component of social change and movement building. Taylor holds a BFA in Painting & Humanistic Studies from MICA and an MPA in Sustainable Infrastructures & Public Policy from UCL.

JL Andrepont

350 Unit Representative

JL (they/them) is the Senior Policy Analyst at 350.org. They have been engaging in 350 PWU unit work since they became a full-time staff person as of May 2021. They have previously worked in city governance and non-profit management and have been a grassroots organizer for over two decades, including having worked at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Andrepont was born and raised in so-called Texas and is currently based in so-called Washington with their perfectly naughty chihuahua, Mitch. In their previous working life they were a Climate Policy PhD Candidate at Oregon State University, a climate social scientist at the Climate Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC), and a Political Science Instructor. They are a published academic with a major research interest in the intersection of sea level rise policy and social justice issues. Andrepont has a double BA and Honorary Minor from Pace University and a MPA with a concentration in Urban Policy and Planning from the University of San Francisco.