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Dylan Plummer, [email protected], 541.531.1858

Washington D.C. – The Progressive Workers Union (PWU) has filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) accusing Sierra Club of bargaining in bad faith by making regressive proposals and refusing to acknowledge the proposals put forward by the union. 

The charge comes after five months of negotiating a contract and following a letter of support from over 100 elected officials, unions and organizations including the United Auto Workers (UAW) and US Representative Rashida Tlaib submitted letters supporting the demands of the Sierra Club staff union’s bargaining team. 

“Our union is committed to working with the Sierra Club to negotiate a fair contract for our members. Sadly, despite our best efforts to support productive bargaining, Sierra Club management has continued to undermine negotiations by putting forward regressive proposals and publicly attacking the dignity and credibility of its own workers,” said CJ Garcia-Linz, President of PWU and Sierra Club employee. “The Sierra Club needs to produce substantive proposals, not just attempts to weaken our rights and diminish our benefits.”

So far, bargaining has consisted of months of unproductive talks with management attempting to weaken key provisions, particularly those related to progressive discipline, job security, and severance benefits. Sierra Club has made misleading claims that PWU is not accepting bargaining times, hiding the fact that its bargaining team, consisting of five attorneys, failed to produce necessary responses and information for those meetings for well over a month. PWU has continued to make concrete proposals that foster a safe and dignified workplace, ensure pay equity, pathways to promotion, family-sustaining wages, job protection, and address burnout, while working to make compromises and move closer to management’s position as much as possible. 

As negotiations break down, PWU remains committed to securing a fair and progressive contract that aligns with their values and the broader goals of environmental and social justice movements. 


Founded in 1992, the Progressive Workers Union (PWU) represents over 500 workers across the United States and in Puerto Rico.